Cocoon-An environmental arrangement designed by the nature to protect the off springs from the external dangers. Our efforts have been made to respect and replicate the same natural system that can ensure the parents that their ward is well protected.

The parents are not always there with the child and we well understand the worries in their minds when their most valuable assets are out of their sight. With the objective to provide the parents a power of “Virtual Parenting and a facility of Electronically Escorting their child with the help of the latest developments in the technology,” PROJECT COCOON” was designed.

Today we are proud to mention that “Project Cocoon” is now ready to take on and stably stand in front of the challenges coming across. Project Cocoon is an initiative taken by Origin ACD IT Solutions (OIS) and Clairvoyant Business Solutions (CBS) towards strengthening the ever required student security and attendance management systems adopted by the schools.

It is a project designed and developed considering and researching about the various areas of improvements in the current systems.

UNIQUE features of Project Cocoon are as follows

  • First Ever school/student information Mobile Application in the country.
  • First ever solution in the country to provide actual real time attendance of the student in the school conveyance and class on a real time basis.
  • First ever one fit for all bi-way communication on real time basis at the touch of a finger.
  • Specifically designed application to monitor and report the entry and exit status for the students self picked and dropped by the parents or the acquaintances (Relatives / Personal Drivers).
  • Specifically designed application to monitor and report the safety of the students using non school shared conveyance facility (Private vans / autos).
  • Customised solutions as per the schools need along with school name and logo on the mobile app.
  • GPS bus tracking to monitor and administer the bus route and related expenses

Benefits to the Management

  • It provides an effective and enhanced communication platform between teachers, parents and the management.
  • It helps in establishing a nearly fly by wire operations for its fleet.
  • It can help in monitoring and controlling overhead costs incurred in the fleet management.
  • It can help in handling and managing emergency situations both at the institute and the transport (SOS feature).
  • It can help the management in branding itself as ”TECH SAVVY” institution in the market.
  • It can help the institution develop greater trust from the parents.
  • It can help the institution in Increasing the Attendance of the student.
  • It can help the institution by getting higher merit scores in the examinations
  • It can help the management in integrating various operations of the school management.
  • It can help the management in establishing a virtual data centre with no additional infrastructural requirement and involving very low operational cost.

Benefits To The Parents

  • It gives the parents a facility of electronically escorting their ward whenever they are out of their sight for attending classes.
  • It gives the parents a power of virtual parenting their ward’s visit to the educational institute.
  • It is a time and effort saving application designed to give optimum information in colour coded pictorial depictions.
  • The actual real time attendance of the child’s boarding and de boarding in the school vehicle with exact location stamp.
  • It can help the parents avert any unwanted or undesirable situations.
  • It helps the parents in handling the situations when their ward is struck in the road jams or vehicle breakdown.
  • It gives the parents the details of the transport staff and the school staff * accompanying the student in the bus.
  • It facilitates the parents by tracking the vehicle and reporting if the vehicle has deviated from the designated track.
  • It gives the parents the actual real time attendance of the child in the class.
  • Facilitates the parents with enhanced communication with the ward’s teachers regarding child’s progress.

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