Our Management Team

We are a flat organization with the CEO heading the organizations with two Verticals Business & Operations. Business vertical is split in two Divisions (Sales & Marketing) having its functional Heads. Operations vertical is divided in (Technical & Product) with their functional Heads.

Our CEO is a visionary technologist with over thirty years of experience Krishna Dev Mishra is committed to adding value to teams and organizations, and enhancing individual and group capabilities by developing engaging environments which facilitate the delivery of more effective service and value.The pioneer of Business Services in IT industry Krishna Dev Mishra is responsible for the overall business which addresses next generation Technology and Operation’s needs.

He also helped Origin grow its footprint in the Hi-tech markets by heading business development. Mr. Mishra has worked as a bridge between customers’ needs and Origin. His thought of changing clients’ ideas into action has always helped the company mark new milestones. Along with his excellent technical skills his great business sense has always made Origin come out in flying colors in every new project. His vision is to make Origin most progressive company empowering customers with business and technology solutions. He always value and get inspire through ourclients’ needs no matter how different it is. He not only values the clients need but at the same time he values his team. With his amazing leadership quality, enthusiastic and positive attitude he always inspire his team and the people around him.